Button Ad on Columbia4Kids.com


Button Ads are the ads you see at the top and bottom of each page. They consist of a 120x60 pixel graphic followed by 4 lines of text including a heading, 2 description lines, and a URL.

Why the Combination Image/Text Ad?

Over 3 years of testing graphic only, text only and large banners, we've found this format attracts the most attention and clickthrus. The graphic catches the eye and the text explains the offer or benefit.

What About Exposure?

There are 6 ads on every page of the site, 4 on the top, 2 on the bottom. They are rotated in a random fashion that shows every ad equally. Our average visitor views 6-10 pages on the site per visit, giving each advertiser plenty of exposure and repetition.

Branding or Specials?

We HIGHLY recommend running a special targeted to Columbia4Kids viewers and combining it with a coupons page.

You Are In Control

With your ad purchase, you will receive access to a control panel that will allow you to see how many times your ad has been viewed, how many times your ad has been clicked, and will let you setup an automatic e-mail report with these statistics.

You may provide us with a 120 x 60 pixel ad or we can create one from your existing electronic or print media. The ad may be static or animated. You may change your ad graphic at any time through your control panel. You can reuse your existing ad indefinitely or change it as often as you like.

Your ad can link to your web site or e-mail address. If you don't have a web site, you may purchase a featured page or a mini-website with a unique domain name, e-mail, and up to 4 pages.

Button Ad-$50 per month
Design Ad from Electronic Media-$50
Design Ad from Print Media-$80
Animated Ad Design-add +$50

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