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Columbia4Kids Board Guidelines
Read the Welcome Post for more details.

Play nicely.

Don't spam the forum.

No unsolicited advertising.

You may put up to two short lines and two links in your signature. You may not have 2 links pointing to the same place. You may not adjust the font or size of your signature. An administrator will delete or edit signatures that don't conform, without notice. The administrators may delete or edit any signature or link that they deem inappropriate for the forum, for any reason whatsoever. (Some sigs that may be removed include links to gambling sites, pornography sites and sites we deem to be promoting the spamming of search engines.)

If a signature has to be edited more than once for any reason, it will then be deleted without notice and the member will lose the opportunity to have a signature for an unspecified period of time.

We are all adults, so we will act in a mature manner or be subject to editing by a moderator/administrator.

We will not badmouth any other forum or forum member. Posts that do this, will be immediately deleted without notice.

You may post links (if you're an active member) only where appropriate to the subject at hand. Please refrain from posting self-promotional links of any kind. When in doubt about a link, make it non-clickable. Very often there's no need to link to your own site, when a summary of what you're linking to will suffice and add more value to the forum thread. Moderators may delink or delete any links at any time if they feel it is in the best interest of the forum to do so. Affiliate links must be first approved by an administrator, or be official Columbia4Kids affiliate links. From time to time an administrator may post affiliate links to help cover the costs of the forum. These may or may not be labeled as such.

Please don't post the full text of an email or an article, or post from another forum. You may summarize it in your own words and/or post a link to it, if it is relevant to the discussion. Anything posted in full that you did not write yourself will be deleted without notice.

Links to sites that you think may be spamming the search engines (or using any practice that you may think is "dodgy," should not be posted (nor should the name of the company or site). These will be immediately deleted without notice. You may take private requests for the URL, if you'd like.

You must be an Active Member (20 posts) to post a live link to another site. (Post without the http:// to post a link that is not live.) Live links will be deactivated when posted by non-active members.

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