Featured Business in the Monthly Newsletter


The featured business in our newsletter recieves an editorial article as well as a 460x60 pixel banner ad in the newsletter. This article is permanently archived on our site and includes a direct link to your site. The newsletter archives are search-friendly and linked to from the main site, and the article goes into our primary articles section.

We reserve the right to limit this opportunity only to businesses that our readers will be interested in. This is an editorial decison and not open to interpretation.

With your ad purchase, you will receive access to a control panel that will allow you to see how many times your ad has been viewed, how many times your ad has been clicked, and will let you setup an automatic e-mail report with these statistics.

Branding or Specials?

We HIGHLY recommend running a special targeted to Columbia4Kids viewers and combining it with a coupons page.

Ad Creative

You may provide us with a 468 x 60 pixel ad or we can create one from your existing electronic or print media. The ad may be static or animated. You may change your ad graphic at any time through your control panel. You can reuse your existing ad indefinitely or change it as often as you like.

The article will be provided for your approval before it runs in our publication. We will correct errors, but we will not add marketing fluff or specific pitches. You may cancel your ad if the article does not meet with your approval, although we may or may not go forward with the editorial article at our discretion.

Your ad can link to your web site or e-mail address. If you don't have a web site, you may purchase a featured page on Columbia4Kids.com with more information about your company or product or a mini-website with a unique domain name, e-mail, and up to 3 pages.

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