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Giving Thanks

It's time to reflect on the things that mean the most to you. I'll start off the reflections by noting how thankful I am that everyone I care about is relatively healthy and happy this season! Sure, we've got our complaints here and there, but all in all, we have a lot to be thankful for.

Those kids keep getting bigger every year, no matter how much I'd like them to stay my little angels. They continue to amaze and amuse me with the things they know and the things they say! My daughter cracked me up this week- Your Booty is Seriously Funny. What have your kids said this week that had you rolling?

I hope everyone has lots to give thanks for this holiday season! -Scottie Claiborne, Columbia4Kids Editor.

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Toddlers and Christmas Ornaments

Only 38 days til Christmas! It will be time to get out the Christmas decorations soon!

How do you mix fragile decorations and curious little hands? Remove the temptation! Place fragile things away from little fingers or put them away for a few years. Read advice from our members.

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New Baby Sitters Available!

We've had a bunch of new baby sitters post their availability in the past few weeks- couldn't you use a little time off to prepare for the upcoming holiday? How about getting away for a romantic dinner? (We know, you'd just settle for a restaurant that doesn't offer crayons!)

See all the Columbia Area Babysitters who are looking for kids to watch!

If you'd like to earn some extra money this season watching children (or you have a teenager who is interested), take a few minutes to post your information on the site. You don't have to give a phone number or email address- prospective employers can contact you through the board email or PM functions.

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Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is about the FOOD!! Even people like me who hardly warm the oven up the rest of the year get a wild urge to cook this time of year. I've started off our Holiday Favorites thread with a recipe for Cream Cheese Pound Cake... yum! Share your favorite recipe with us!

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Hot Dog Heaven

Where can you get really fresh cut french fries? Hot Dog Heaven! Not only that, they have some great hot dogs too. Read our review: Being a Weenie is OK with Us

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Custom Flavored Medicines

Do you ever feel that the cure is worse than the disease? I know I've had more than my share of wrestling matches with small children, trying to get the medicine down their throats. How can a sick kid be so strong? Then you achieve victory, only have the medicine spit back out! ARGH!

Irmo Family Pharmacy offers a solution. Custom flavored medications! Let your child pick out their favorite flavor. Read more details and take advantage of their $10 off coupon!

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Thanksgiving Events

The Lion King- Free Movie in the Park
Bundle up and head to Virgina Hylton Park in Lexington to see the Lion King on Friday night.

"Mars In Opposition 2005" at Saluda Shoals Park
Mars Oppositions occur when Earth, on its inner orbit, passes between the Sun and Mars. Because of the orbits of the two planets, this occurs about every 2 years and 2 months. Come see it through the telescopes at the park!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Holiday Music at Colonial Center
Get in the holiday spirit with this unique and exciting musical performance of holiday music by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Frosty Returns!
The Columbia Children's Theater presents this classic holiday tale that will have your kids singing along.

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The Nutcracker

The CityWords Blog entry this week goes to the Nutcracker ballet. With her children performing, this year will be different!

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Hot Discussions!

What's going on at the forum? Come see for yourself!

Black Friday Sales Lists

What's Black Friday? The day after Thanksgiving, when most retailers are finally "in the black" for revenues! It's traditionally the hottest shopping day of the year, and retailers respond by putting out tons of special pricing. See our advance sale lists to make your plans on which stores you need to visit after Turkey Day!

OMG- I Locked the Keys and the Kids in the Car!

Share your embarassment and panic with other moms who've done it! No one's perfect- it's a scary thing to lock your kids in the car.

Errand Running Momma

We all need a little help to get everything done sometimes- why not hire someone to help you catch up? jzalea79 is now offering an errand running service just in time for the hectic holiday season.

Kid's Night at Beef O Brady's

Save some money and have a fun night out at Beef O Brady's in Irmo, offering free kid's meals on Tuesday nights.

Thanksgiving Crafts!

Imagine That has researched a ton of fun craft ideas. NOW you know what to do with the kids while they are out of school next week!

Come start your own topic!

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Wrap Up

I'm headed to Atlanta for a few days at IAAPA, the International Amusement Park Association convention and expo. It's a great event and it always makes me want to open a new amusement business! However, I'm just covering it for an industry publication I write for.

The babysitter section at the C4K forum really saved my rear this week- the babysitter I had lined up to watch the kids while I'm gone backed out at the last minute. I sent a few PM's to the babysitters on the list, and by the end of the day I'd arranged to meet a new sitter this evening and have her watch the kids tomorrow! I knew there was a reason I started this website...

Thanks for being a part of the C4K community. We love the feedback we get from our members so if you have a comment or suggestion, feel free to email us!

See ya next time! -Scottie

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